roadway management TECHNOLOGIES

The smart solution for roadway management

Passively collect your own data for real-time professional grade surveys at an affordable price

RMT is an integrated solution to roadway management. Using big data, our software provides real-time surveys of your roads and displays this data visually in a user-friendly web-based platform.

Our fully automated system collects data about road conditions and reports in real time to our online servers.

You analyze the visual data in real time, allocating resources when needed to prevent further costly damage.

All information is stored in a unified database, allowing you to review past repairs, report to public and plan for the future with data at your fingertips.

with our system you can:

  • Collect information about road conditions passively.

  • Collect vendor and substrate details in a single database.

  • Keep all information in the cloud based database.

  • Analyze pavement quality and spending trends over time.

  • Allocate repair budget based on current data, not just last year's survey.

  • Know exactly where your money is going and generate reports.

Simple, affordable, automated